2021.5.8 The 2022 Special Admission Information website has benn updated(->Click here)
2021.3.19 Registration for Breefing Sessions on 10th April Start(->Click here)
2021.2.18 Breefing Sessions will hold on April 10th, May 8th and June 5th (->Click here)
2021.2.4 About Entrance Examination of CBMS in Academic year 2022 Click here
2021.2.2 Entrance Examination Result Announcements for Academic Year 2021: Final Results for Schedule A/B (List for Master Course(accepted examinees of Schedule B), List for Doctoral Course (accepted examinees of Schedule B and accepted examinee of Schedule A oral examed in January)).
2021.1.18 Preparing for Online Oral Exam (Computational Biology Group),Academic Year 2021 (Schedule A/B) (Oral Exam Guide for CBG)
2021.1.18 Guide for Online Oral Examinaiton of the Entrance Exams in Academic Year 2021 (schedule A/B): Medical Sciences Group & Biomedical Innovation Course (Oral Exam Guide for MSG & BIC)
2021.1.18 Entrance Examination Result Announcements for Academic Year 2021: Schedule B First Stage Results (List for Master Course, List for Doctor Course).
2020.9.20 2021 Entrance Examination Guide of CBMS Ver 3 released on 20th October for Schedule B Click here.
2020.9.18 Breifing Webinar for Schedule B Entrance Examination will hold on 3rd October Click here.

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