Laboratory of Innovative Cancer Therapy Recruiting students for the academic year 2019

Associate Professor Yasushi INO
TEL: +81-3-6409-2143
E-mail: yino-nsu{at}
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【Key Words】Virus therapy, Herpes simplex virus, Cancer-fighting viruses, Anticancer immunity

Despite recent advances in surgery,radiation therapy,and chemotherapy, cancer remains to be the major cause of death in Japan. In order to achieve cure for cancer, novel therapeutic approaches are necessary. The main theme of our division is translational research of oncolytic virus therapy. We specifically develop recombinant herpes simple viruses type I (HSV-1)that have genetic modifications in the viral genome so that the viruses replicate selectively in cancer cells. Clinical trials using a third generation,triplemutated oncolytic HSV-1(G47△)is on-going in patients with recurrent glioblastoma and prostate cancer. We have also established an innovative recombinant HSV-1 construction system using bacterial artificial chromosome and two sets of DNA recombinases (Cre/loxP and FLP/FRT). This system allows rapid generation of multiple new recombinant HSV-1 with desired sequences,e.g.therapeutic genes,marker genes and tissue specific promoters, inserted into the G47△ backbone. While the host tries to block viral infection and replication via innate immunity and cellular protective system against foreign pathogens, specific antitumor immune responses are elicited in the course of oncolytic activities of oncolytic HSV-1,thus our research is also closely related to immunology.

We also perform research using cancer stem cells isolated from surgical specimens of brain tumor patients. We analyze the characteristics of cancer stem cells, and develop novel therapies that can abolish these cells that are resistant to conventional therapies.

Clinical and basic researchers at IMSUT are working together through our division in order to obtain innovative findings that can be applied to cancer therapy. We will consider each person’s interest and ideas when determining his or her research projects. We pursue researches that are novel in the field and translational to clinics.



The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

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