Laboratory of Mucosal Immunology Doesn't recruit students for the academic year 2019

Professor Hiroshi KIYONO
E-mail: kiyono{at}
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 The respiratory and digestive tracts are covered by large mucosal epithelium and are continuously exposed to foreign and environmental substances through inhalation and ingestion. The mucosal immune system plays an important role as the first line of immunological defense for preventing the host from invasion of microorganisms (e.g., influenza virus and Salmonella) through mucosal surface. In addition, the mucosal immune system contributes to the establishment and maintenance of mucosal homeostasis by creating symbiotic interaction with commensal bacteria and inducing immunological tolerance against beneficial antigens (e.g. Food). A major focus of our research is the elucidation and understanding of molecular and cellular nature of the mucosal immune system for the development of mucosal vaccine against infectious diseases and mucosal immune therapy for mucosa-associated diseases,such as food allergy and inflammatory diseases. Please refer our web page if you wish to find out our interesting projects.


The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

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