Laboratory of Developmental Genetics Doesn't recruit students for the academic year 2019

Professor Nobuaki YOSHIDA
E-mail: nobuaki{at}
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 Gene targeting technologies not only for culturing cells but also for animals themselves are very powerful tools for understanding gene functions in vivo. In addition to the conventional gene targeting, tissue specific gene manipulation using Cre-loxP system, named conditional knockout, allows us to explore spatiotemporal gene function in many different tissue at many different developmental stages. We are also using CRISPR/Cas9 systems, which are very effective and rapid method for genome editing. Using these technologies, we are trying to investigate fundamentals which characterize‘stemness’in embryonic pluripotent stem cells or somatic multipotent stem cells. In the somatic stem cells, we are especially interested in germ cells and neural stem cells. Germ cells are the only cells which can transfer genomic information to the next generation. Infertility sometimes happens in human (one couple out of ten)because of genetic reasons,whereas detail mechanisms are still rarely understood. Our research aims are to reveal molecular mechanisms which orchestrate spermatogenesis, especially focusing on roles of RNA processing proteins,e.g., PTBP1 or PTBP2, or histone modifiers e.g., FBXL10, FBXL11 or RYBP, by using gene knockout technology, and to develop novel therapeutic strategies for infertile patients. We are also studying roles of Ras signaling in developmental,physiological, and pathological lymphangiogenesis, and roles of PLCγ2 signaling in initiating and maintaining the separation of the blood and lymphatic vasculature. We also welcome every person who wants to develop the new technologies of the developmental engineering.


The University of Tokyo
Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

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