Briefing Sessions

Online Briefing Sessions & Meet the Professors for AY2024

We will hold online briefing seesions. Registration is required for obtaining the Zoom URL. The official language of the briefing sessions is Japanese. Chairpersons will speak in Japanese, and professors will introduce their labs in Japanese. Nevertheless, you can talk to us in English. You can talk with professors about their labs. You can ask questions in English at the Q&A in the online briefing sessions. Please also check Special Information Site for Admission, AY2024 English Version which opened on 8th April, 2023.

We will also hold an online Q&A session about the entrance exams. Please see the following for the schedule.

Schedule (JST):
Note that all the neccessary information is available at our website; you can apply to our department even if you do not participate in a briefing session for the entrance examinations. Nevertheless, we recommend that you participate in at least one briefing session because you can directly talk to professors and also you can ask questions in a Q&A session.

In addition, after the briefing session (including on the day of the session), we will hold an online "meet the professor" event. Please note that the holding times vary depending on the professors. Information such as schedules and pre-registration for each faculty member will be posted on the lab introduction (video). We strongly recommend that before applying you would contact the faculty members and discuss with them about research activities and life after admission.
Note that you are not allowed to contact the faculty members after you file your application. If you wish to contact them, make sure that you talk with them before you apply.


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