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Associate Professor Yoshihiro HIRATA
TEL: +81-3-6409-2335
E-mail: yohirata{at}
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【Key Words】 gastroenterology, inflammation, cancer, stem cell, microbe, animal model

Our laboratory focus on the total pathogenic processes initiated at genome and extended to the whole body. The main object of our research is the inflammatory and malignant diseases developed in digestive systems.

As approaches against inflammatory digestive diseases, we investigate the pathogenesis of microbes and immune system. One of our research themes is how pathogens like Hepatitis viruses or Helicobacter pylori interact with host cells and trigger organic inflammation. We are also interested in the gut microbiota as the important component of host homeostasis. As researches for GI malignancies, we try to unveil the role of genetic mutations discovered in world-wide cancer genome research. By the use of genetically-engineered mouse model and organoid culture system of stem cells, we investigate the mechanisms of carcinogenesis and novel therapies against these cancers.

As shown above, the aim of our researches is to elucidate the pathogenesis of digestive diseases at each level of genes, cells, organs, and individuals, and to establish new therapy. We specifically apply mouse model, which enables analyses of complex interactions in the disease development and progression. Please visit our website for the details.


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