Division of Animal Genetics

Professor: Tomoji MASHIMO
TEL: 03-6409-2228
E-mail: Website


Genome editing, Laboratory animal science, Humanized animal, Developmental engineering, Regenerative Medicine, Immunodeficient rat, Gene therapy, Immunotherapy, CRISPR/Cas3

Prof. Mashimo came to the University of Tokyo and set up this new laboratory in June, 2019. The genome editing technology (ZFN, TALEN, CRISPR/Cas, etc.) brought a revolution in the development of medical science and life science. By using this technology, we can easily operate genomes in different human cell lines or laboratory animals, which is widely applied in investigation of genes’ function, generating animal models for human diseases, gene therapy and so on. The main subjects in our laboratory including: (1) development of novel genome editing system, CRISPR/Cas3, and related application in the cell therapy and gene therapy for human diseases; (2) generation if new animal models by conducting genome editing in animal zygotes, especially the humanized animals which are modified by human genome. Furthermore, we are also working on developing humanized animals with human organs by transplanting human somatic cells or iPS cells into immunodeficient animals. Following is the detail research interests in our laboratory:

1. Development of CRISPR/Cas3 system.

(1) Development of highly Efficient immunotherapeutic strategies by genome editing in human somatic cells, iPS cells, T cells, etc;
(2) Virus vectors (AAV), Liposome drug delivery system, Genome editing in vivo;
(3) Library of CRISPR/Cas3, Genome scan.

2. Generation of humanized animals which carry human genome or tissues

(1) Humanized animal (genome): modify the genome of laboratory animals with human genes by genome editing tools.
(2) Humanized animal (tissue): transplant human cells or tissues into the immunodeficient animals.


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