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【Key Words】RNA processing, function, structure, regulation

 RNA processing,which includes maturation process of functional RNAs and biogenesis and metabolism of RNAs, is important step for the regulation of gene xpression in cells.RNA processing dysregulations are often associated with the human diseases.

 The main interest in the Laboratory of RNA Biology is the mechanism and regulation of RNA processing machinery. In particular, our laboratory investigates the molecular mechanisms of synthesis,maturation and biogenesis of functional RNAs, by employing biochemistry, molecular cell biology, and structural approaches in complementary nners

 In the last decades, by structural and functional analyses of RNA processing enzymes, such as template-independent RNA polymerases (RNA-specific terminal cleotidyltransferases), and viral RNA polymerases,we have contributed to solving classical and important problems in the RNA enzymology.
 More recently, we have been studying function, structure and regulation of biogenesis and metabolism of small noncoding RNAs (sRNAs)in human cell. We focus on several enzymes,which include human terminal nucleotidyltransferases and modification enzymes, and their complexes with other regulatory proteins. These enzymes and the complexes with their regulatory proteins are involved in the biogenesis and metabolism of sRNAs, which are reportedly to regulate cell differentiation, proliferation, programming, inflammation, cancer, and stress-responses. Our studies using techniques of biochemistry, molecular cell biology, and structural biology are expected to provide detailed molecular basis for development of drugs against human diseases.

 You are welcome to join our laboratory as a graduate student. If you are interested in joining our laboratory and want to enjoy high-quality science together, ase visit our web site, and contact us via e. mail to Kozo Tomita

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