Laboratory of Genetics

Professor Yuji YAMANASHI
TEL: +81-3-6409-2115
E-mail: yyamanas{at}
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【Key Words】signal transduction, mouse model, gene/molecular targeted therapy, neoplasia/immunity, ageing/neuromuscular disorder

 The major interest of this laboratory is in molecular signals that regulate a variety of cellular activities. Our aim is to address how dysregulated cellular signals give rise to neoplastic, immune, neural, metabolic, developmental and/or age-related disorders. Our goal is to understand the molecular bases of tumorigenesis and the development of other intractable diseases as a path toward uncovering therapeutic targets. For example, we identified Dok-7 as an essential protein for neuromuscular synaptogenesis and found DOK7 myasthenia, a recessive hereditary neuromuscular synaptopathy. We further demonstrated that elevated Dok-7 expression, or any equivalent method that safely enlarges neuromuscular synapses, has potential as a therapy for a range of neuromuscular disorders with structural defects in neuromuscular synapses.
 Currently, we are investigating regulatory mechanisms in protein-tyrosine kinase-mediated signaling pathways, their pathophysiological roles and the potential for therapeutic intervention.
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