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History of CBMS

April 2015

The two departments of the Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, the former Department of Computational Biology (established in April 2003) and the former Department of Medical Genome Sciences (established in April 2004), merged to form the Department of Computational Biology and Medical Science, whose mission is to lead research in fields that integrate life science and information science and to foster the development of human resources involved in such research.

April 2018

In order to strengthen research and human resource development to address various ethical issues, technological barriers, regulatory science, and other science and technology governance issues associated with the introduction of cutting-edge life sciences into clinical medicine, the Bio-Intellectual Property Course, which was transferred from the former Department of Medical Genome Sciences to the current course, was expanded as the Medical Innovation Course by adding a concurrent faculty member from the Institute of Medical Science.

April 2018

Started DSTEP (Data Scientist Education/Training Program), an educational program for the doctoral course, and made the core subjects of DSTEP common to all life science research departments.

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