Computational Biology Group/Core LaboratoriesAsai Laboratory
(Laboratory of Genome Informatics)

The Asai Laboratory is a "dry" bioinformatics laboratory. We work on information analysis of biological data, application of mathematical models, and development of algorithms and computational tools. Our main focus is on the analysis of DNA/RNA sequences and their structures, interactions, and functions. For RNA, we focus on information analysis, including secondary structure analysis, interaction prediction, and RNA-seq data analysis. We also have a strong interest in RNA with its translation and modifications. At the same time, he is interested in designing biological sequences for various applications. Developing original software based on mathematical models is our approach. The methods we often use are stochastic models and machine learning. We sometimes use other people's software, but we do not use black-boxed software without being aware of the algorithms and theory behind that software. Translated with (free version)

RNA informatics, sequence design, stochastic models, machin learning
RNA sequence design

We are working on RNA sequence design using deep learning.
For non-coding RNAs, for which secondary structure is important, we are developing methods that enable optimization by considering both primary sequence and secondary structure features.
For mRNAs, we are developing methods to predict from mRNA sequences the efficiency of translation and resistance to mRNA degradation based on the combination of codon optimality, secondary structure, and UTRs, as well as methods to design sequences based on such predictions.

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