Medical Sciences Group/Core LaboratoriesSuzuki A Laboratory
(Laboratory of Medical Omics Data Analysis)

To understand multi-omics features and vulnerabilities of cancers, we conduct basic experiments and comprehensive omics data generation by high-throughput sequencing analysis. In cancer genomes, various types of genomics mutations, such as point mutations, copy number aberrations and structural variants, are detected. These mutations are potential targets of therapeutic strategies of cancers. However, precise identification and characterization of cancer mutations is still difficult because they occasionally locate in non-coding and repetitive regions of the human genome. We especially focus on lung cancers. By using sequencing technologies, we attempt to understand comprehensive mutation patterns and structures of cancer genomes. Further, we analyze association between genome and different omics layers, such as epigenome, transcriptome and phenotypic consequences.

Lung Cancer, Genome, Transcriptome, Multi-omics, Sequencing
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