Medical Sciences Group/Intra-University Cooperative LaboratoriesNakai Laboratory
(Laboratory of Functional Analysis in silico, IMS)

The term “in silico”in the title of our laboratory is an analogy to more familiar terms such as “in vivo”(within the living) or “in vitro”(within the test tube), meaning “within the silicon chip”or“using computers”. Thus,the mission of our lab is to study bioinformatics or to analyze the functions of genes/their products through computational analysis of genomic information. More specifically, we have been motivated by a rather naive question:“How genetic information is encoded as DNA sequences?”and have tried to decode these information, especially the regulatory information governing specific gene expression, in the genome sequence data. In addition to genomic data,we also conduct research on protein-protein interaction networks. Although these studies are thus oriented to basic research, recent advances in DNA sequencing technology enables our activities applicable to various areas in medical sciences; we believe that our collaboration with renowned researchers in regenerative medicine, immunology, and developmental biology will make our lab attractive to students who wish to contribute to these areas from a new angle. Those who are not familiar to computers are also welcome. Laboratory homepage :

dry lab, bioinformatics, genome sequence analysis, transcriptional regulatory region, biomedical big data,
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