Medical Sciences Group/Intra-University Cooperative LaboratoriesMatano Laboratory
(Department of AIDS Vaccine Development, IMS)

This laboratory is working on Microbiology and Immunology and analyzing pathogen-host interaction to elucidate the molecular mechanism of pathogen proliferation "in vivo". We have been focusing on HIV, a representative virus inducing chronic persistent infection, and examining viral replication, transmission and evolution, T-cell responses and B-cell responses.  We have established a non-human primate AIDS model using groups of macaques sharing individual MHC haplotypes. By using this model, we are analyzing virus-host immune interaction to elucidate the mechanism of virus control as well as virus persistence. Furthermore, we are working on HIV vaccine development and international collaboration projects are in progress for clinical trials. We are also attempting to develop vaccines against other pathogens including HTLV-1 and Dengue viruses.  We have currently started several projects for analyzing pathogen-host interaction in humans. First, we are working on the establishment of clinical genome database in domestic HIV-infected individuals. Second, we are conducting collaborative projects analyzing pathogen and host (and microflora) genomes in Vietnam and Ghana. These studies would contribute to elucidation of pathogen evolution under pathogen-host interaction as well as determination of host factors affecting pathogen proliferation and/or disease progression.

Pathogen-host, interaction;, Antibody, &, T, cell, responses;, Vaccine, development;, HIV
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