Biomedical Innovation Policy Group/Intra-University Cooperative LaboratoriesMuto Laboratory
(Department of Public Policy, IMS)

This laboratory conducts research into basic research and clinical trials in various medical science fields, as well as the possible medium- and long-term effects of these results on society. The laboratory has been focusing not only on science and technology policy, but also on the relationship with other policy areas such as medical policy, welfare policy, labour policy and family policy, and has been making recommendations based on these to experts, citizens, patients and the state.  His research interests cover a wide range of issues facing the life sciences and medicine in contemporary society. Specifically, (i) research issues including bioethical issues such as genome editing of human fertilised eggs, human-animal chimera research and brain-machine interfaces, (ii) the use of artificial intelligence (cognitive computing) to support medicine, the sharing of large-scale genome data, discrimination based on genetic information, and the development of a genetic testing business. (iii) research issues related to the protection of research participants, such as clinical trials and ethics review committees, and (iv) research issues related to the use of human body parts for research, such as brain banks and biobanks. Research methods include policy process analysis, quantitative and qualitative research (e.g. questionnaires, interviews and fieldwork) using historical documents, administrative documents and guidelines.  Both science and humanities majors are welcome, as long as you are interested in exploring ethics and policy issues about life, body and health in an academic way. For more information, please contact  If you wish to join the laboratory, please make an appointment to meet with the faculty member you wish to supervise, explain your previous research, your research plans in the course and your plans after graduation, and discuss them thoroughly before applying.

Bioethics, Research Ethics, Medical Law, Public Policy, Medical Sociology
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