Medical Sciences Group/Inter-Institute Cooperative LaboratoriesKatayama Laboratory
(Molecular Target Therapy of Cancer Group, JFCR)

One of the goals of our research is to identify the molecular mechanisms of the drug resistance against molecular targeted therapy and immune checkpoint inhibitor in cancer, and find the therapeutic strategies to overcome the resistance. To achieve the goal, we examine the resistant mechanisms using the clinical specimens from the cancer patients relapsed on those drug treatments by collaborating with the physicians in our Cancer Institute hospital in JFCR, under approved IRB. We also focusing on the mechanisms of cancer metastasis (the spread of cancer cells from the primary tumor organ to surrounding tissues or distant organs), which is the primary cause of cancer morbidity and mortality. We previously identified that Aggrus/Podoplanin overexpression in cancer cells induce platelet aggregation resulting in the formation of pulmonary metastasis. Thus, we are now developing anti-Podoplanin targeted monoclonal antibody and inhibitors to inhibit cancer metastasis. Laboratories Group of Medical Sciences Group of Computational Biology Group of Innovation Policy Studies Campus The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Frontier Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Drug resistance, kinase inhibitor, immune checkpoint inhibitor, cancer metastasis, platelets
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